In Oz, everything is magical. With just a wave of a wand wonderful things happen, wicked things disappear and dreams can come true. Over the rainbow life can be simply...beautiful.

Unfortunately, the road life has chosen for me was not that of the yellow brick road. The Emerald City is no where in sight. It is more often then not that I wish I had that magic wand from Oz.

Life hasn't been completely unfair to me. I have been blessed with a loving family and a beautiful son. For these things I am eternally grateful. It is my dermatomyositis and my son's fight with autism that can draining.

Hence, this blog was created. Here I will document my life…my ups and downs, my good days & bad days, my accomplishments and my life, outside of Oz.

Friday, September 5, 2008

And so it starts..

Today was a so-so day. Aches are really letting me have it. Back is killing me but what can I do. I'm just happy I'm not getting any more IVIG infusions and we are finally reducing the prednisone again. Down to 15mg.

I manage to sneak by the little one as he worked with his new therapist but when he finally saw me his face lit up & he came over to give me one of those hugs that just make everything all better. What more can I ask for.

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